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Pressure Dynamics is the Australian distributor for Tan Delta, together providing condition monitoring solutions for hydraulic, crane and electro-mechanical equipment applications.

All condition monitoring systems come with bluetooth, mobile app connectivity and reporting capabilities. Pressure Dynamics can install and integrate:

  • with local display at the asset
  • to existing asset monitoring and reporting systems
  • to existing PLC and SCADA facility systems
  • as part of a multi-modal hydraulic condition monitoring system.
Pressure Dynamics — Hydraulic hose assemblies and fittings

Condition monitoring sensor

Tan Delta condition monitoring sensors use unique FSH™ technology to enable real time analysis of oil condition with absolute accuracy of +/- 0.5% and therefore provide deep insight into the status of equipment. This then enables the capability to reliably and accurately detect potential problems before equipment damage, determine optimal maintenance schedules and reduce operating costs.

Tan Delta’s oil condition monitoring sensor can:

  • Detect any wear or contamination and precise oil end of life
  • Plug & play data output compatibility with all data display, telematic and PLC systems.
  • Detect issues before equipment damage
  • Accurate prediction and planning of optimal maintenance schedules.

Why monitor oil condition?

Accurate analysis of the condition of equipment oil gives an indication of the health and status of your equipment. Contamination by fuel, water or acid can quickly lead to oil losing its lubrication properties, leading to subsequent equipment damage.

Small unseen issues, if not detected early, can develop into equipment breakdown and therefore operational disruption. As oil condition degrades with use, using the Tan Delta condition monitoring system you are able to accurately pinpoint the required maintenance time and extending service intervals without risk.

Multi-modal surveillance reports can help interpret contributing factors and determine the start of failure.


  • Optimise service intervals – these can be extended by up to 35%
  • Need-driven maintenance – with the reporting system capabilities you can confidently revise maintenance tasks by up to 50% less servicing
  • Early detection of potential failures – disruptions due to failure can be reduced by 20% by real-time trending and analysis of data reports
  • Equipment life optimisation – with condition monitoring in place; improved maintenance planning, reduced oil sampling and wear and tear on equipment can be significantly extend the life of the equipment
  • Can be installed and integrated in all areas including hazardous areas
  • On average clients receive their investment pay back of within six months.


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