Pilbara Office

Our Pilbara workshop and offices are located in the Karratha Industrial Estate in close proximity to many of our customers’ facilities and those of supporting contractors and vendors in the region.


Our Karratha facility is located in the Industrial Estate and includes a permanently manned workshop and office which enables us to immediately support all our clients in the region. Maintenance and repairs are carried out in our workshop and with a fully customised trailer we are also able to affect repairs on site.

Offices and accommodation at the facility enable us to immediately support any supplementary resources mobilised from our other locations to the facility, as required.

Floor Space

Workshop (Total) 250 m2 Office facilities 160 m2 Laydown yard 600 m2

Workshop Facilities

Utilities Compressed air Single and 3-phase phase power Wash-down bay
Lifting Engage third-party crane service for lifts both inside and outside of workshop

Maintenance and Test Facilities

  • Cylinder, equipment and component strip-down bench with integrated spill bunding
  • Mineral Oil Pump/Motor/Hose Assembly/Component Test Bench – variable displacement system
  • Flushing, Filtration, Testing systems as configured from PDI hire fleet to meet Works requirements

Mobile Facilities

NATA hose workshop 1x 20’ site workshop and stores and test chamber container, powered and airconditioned
Site workshops

1x large site trailer for hose assembly and stores, powered and airconditioned

Service Vehicles
  • 1x 2.5 tonne forklift
  • 2x mobile service utes
  • 1x 3.0 tonne Isuzu hose assembly and site service truck


234 Barrington St, Bibra Lake
Western Australia 6163

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7 Andrews St, Berrimah
Northern Territory 0828

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20c Seabrook Crescent,
Karratha Industrial Estate WA 6714

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