Case Study: Marine Loading Arms Hydraulic Tubing Upgrade and Replacement

24 Jun 2021Case Studies

This project commenced mid-2018 and was completed in May 2019.

  • A 3D survey was carried out to collect data for the jetties and loading arms. PDs cleansed data for the application and produced a SolidWorks 3D baseline model of jetties and loading arms.
  • PDs were contracted to perform significant design work using our engineering and design office – PDs designed structural steel tubing trays and tubing runs to suit parallel-run installation of new lines for the jetties and loading arms.
  • Pre-manufacture modules were designed to suit ongoing operations at the jetties (to load LNG carriers) with the trays and tubing to be installed at site between the (3~5 day) shipping windows, with works to be completed in a Shutdown. The shipping windows proved to be a pre-execution and planning task for our Project Engineers and Project Manager who worked closely with the customer’s Maintenance Coordinator in order to ensure maximum efficiency.
  • PDs sourced and supplied the tubing, fittings, valves and cable trays materials, which we assembled into modules in our workshop in Bibra Lake.
  • Once the modules were assembled, flushed and tested, we mobilised them to the Gas plant.
  • Installation required a team of up to 17 hydraulic and tubing Technicians.
  • All works were conducted on-time, on-budget without any HSEQ incidents.