Mining Hydraulics
Capability Statement
Mining Hydraulics Perth Capability Statement
Oil & Gas
Capability Statement
Oil & Gas Hydraulics Perth Capability Statemen

Site services

Our team of specialist hydraulic technicians from all locations can support clients both onshore and offshore with a range of services that may include:

  • Hydraulic systems installation, commissioning and testing
  • Tubing and piping installation and commissioning
  • Flushing of tubing and piping systems
  • Hydrotesting
  • NATA pressure testing for flexible hose assemblies
  • Asset modification and upgrades
  • Shutdown and project services.

Operations equipment inspection, maintenance, repair, modification and upgrade

By applying our expertise in the life extension and optimisation of systems, equipment and tooling, we can deliver cost-effective and quality assured options for our clients.

This includes the inspection, maintenance and repair of:

  • Subsea equipment
  • Manifolds and valves
  • (Svendborg) brakes
  • Cylinders
  • Rotating equipment
  • Winch, as well as refurbishment & testing
  • Wellhead Control Panels.

Professional engineering services

Our team of engineers can offer engineering and design services, possible for all client requirements throughout an asset life cycle and include:

  • Conceptual and FEED studies
  • Detailed Design & Engineering
  • Functional ‘Digital Twin’ Modelling, Simulations & Performance Verification
  • Hydraulic Analysis
  • Reliability & Brownfield Engineering
  • Condition Monitoring Analysis & Predictive Maintenance.

Project Management

With our knowledge and expertise of the life cycle of our customers’ assets, we understand our client’s true needs and can:

  • Provide turnkey project management services
  • Develop fit-for-purpose specifications
  • Assess and create alternative options.

Modelling, simulation and performance technologies and training

We produce functional “digital twin” models of systems or equipment, simulating the hydraulic, electrical and controls performance of equipment, that:

  • Show a visual demonstration of specialist hydraulic principles and systems performance
  • Are easy to understand
  • Can show troubleshoot capabilities.

We have invested in tool analysis for –

  • hydraulic process and performance simulations
  • hydraulic performance modelling
  • Troubleshooting capabilities.

Original Equipment Manufacture (OEM)

We have a 40-year history of systems and equipment Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM).

We understand the technical and safety demands and risks involved in each project and deliver highly reliable and de-risked systems and equipment for our clients.

Storage, maintenance and preservation

We deliver a broad range of services from all our facilities:

  • Storage:
    • Dedicated storage arrangements; short or long term
    • Asset management through Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS)
  • Maintenance:
    • Planned & Preventative
    • Standardised and/or customised procedures
    • Equipment modification, optimisation and life-extension
  • Preservation:
    • Prolong your equipment life
    • Maintain as-serviced condition of equipment

Testing, operational readiness and mobilise/demobilise project management

De-risk your project today by relying on us to service your equipment to a ready to apply standard:

  • Testing
    • Flushing and cleanliness
    • Pressure
    • Hydrostatic
    • Factory Acceptance
    • Clean room and test benches
  • Operational Readiness
    • Pre-operation checks
    • Inspection services
    • Verification services
    • Systems Integration Testing
  • Mobilise
    • Adhoc or campaign basis
    • Project Management for large campaigns