Crane Services
Capability Statement
Crane Services Perth Capability Statement

Site maintenance, troubleshooting and repair services

We provide multi-skilled maintenance personnel and mobilise them to our client sites including:

  • Crane Maintenance Technicians qualified and experienced with specialist skills in hydraulic, mechanical and electrical systems
  • Crane Operators who have internationally recognised qualifications
  • Experienced and API2D qualified Crane Inspectors
  • OEM-trained product specialists on –
    • Braden winches
    • LSI / Robway load indicators
    • Mipeg Systems
  • PLC Control Systems.

Inspection and load testing services

Pressure Dynamics can provide crane inspection and testing to statutory requirements including:

  • API qualified crane inspectors
  • Re-certification services of cranes and lifting equipment
  • Auditing of a facility’s lifting equipment

Specialist crane engineering services

Our surveys and specialist studies typically cover the following areas:

  • Conceptual, Feasibility and FEED Studies to support New Build Programs
  • Crane Condition, Crane Selection and Specification studies
  • Lift System Troubleshooting
  • Preparation of Preventative Maintenance Routines and Optimisation Programmes
  • Complex Rigging and Lifting Studies.

Equipment Hire

In all our three locations we hold specialist equipment for maintenance, inspection and testing of offshore cranes including:

  • Water bag test weights ranging from 5t to 40t
  • Wire rope spooling winches and stands
  • Filter cart trolleys
  • Lube Oil Flushing Kits
  • PAMAS Test Units
  • Load cells ranging from 10t to 100t
  • Hydraulic pushing and pulling jacks
  • Bolt tensioning and torqueing equipment
  • Site rigging lofts
  • Hydraulic hose testing containers
  • Tool Containers.

Lift planning

Safe lifts are essential for operating facilities, and the performance and longevity of lifting equipment.  We deliver:

  • Lift Planning and Engineering
  • Complex Rigging and Lifting Studies

Modelling, simulations and performance technologies

Our specialised, industry-leading capability to produce Functional “digital twin” models and performance simulations of existing or planned assets, enables

  • Troubleshooting
  • Fault rectification
  • Designing and engineering system modifications and optimisations for maximum operational reliability

The models and simulations produced enable us to analyse and assess the impact of a planned system change for maintenance or modification, before any works are physically carried out on an asset.

Reverse engineering, obsolescence and optimisation

We can work with you to plan and implement your projects relating to cranes:

  • Prime Mover refurbishment and upgrade
  • Replacement of Slew-bearings
  • Boom replacement, repair, refurbishment installation and testing
  • Crane removal, relocation, installation and commissioning
  • Crane load testing & inspection
  • Wire rope change-outs
  • Replacement of hoist systems
  • Control system upgrades
  • Hose change outs
  • Hose Management Survey

Onshore and overhead cranes

  • Cranes and Lifting devices installation, commissioning and testing
  • Statutory inspections
  • Provision of spare parts
  • Structural assessment and lift planning
  • Maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Electrical inspection and certification
  • Wire Rope and hook block inspection and replacement