Since re-incorporation in 2012, Pressure Dynamics International have undergone significant changes resulting a steady growth profile in a depressed market.  This growth is largely due to Pressure Dynamics investment in personnel and equipment making equipment safer, more reliable and ultimately better value for its customers. The spotlight today is on the Maxpro Technologies Coning and Threading machine which increases the productivity of this task by up to six times.

This machine has now been in use for over three years by experienced and qualified Pressure Dynamics hydraulic technicians. Technicians are all trained in the use of Parker Autoclave high pressure valves, fittings and tubing and many other similar brands. The use of the Coning and Threading machine is made safe by protection covers over moving parts and allows for a consistent, repeatable quality cone and thread to be made each time.

Coning and threading is a process performed on the end of medium and high pressure tubing to prepare the ends for connection. A raw tube of various sizes is inserted into the machine and a cone is cut onto the tube end. This new surface is where the seal is made to hold the pressure in the tube. The machine then easily creates a thread on the end of the coned tube. This process can be seen in this demonstration video by Maxpro Technologies of the Coning and Threading machine here.

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